Zelensky pays a surprise visit to Germany and celebrates the EU’s decision

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyarrived this Monday at Germany in one Surprise visit to a American base from which the Military aid to Ukrainesaid the Frankfurt police on social networks and German media.

In November 2022 the US Department of Defense announced the founding volume In Wiesbaden (which Zelensky visited) the Ukrainian Security Assistance Group (SAFG-U) to coordinate military assistance Kyiv.

A spokesman for Zelensky confirmed to the German magazine Der Spiegel that the president had visited the US base and met with the base’s senior generals. Christopher Cavoli And Darryl Williamsas well as with Lieutenant General Antonio Aguto, commander of the SAFG-U, to “get to know” her. They work in Wiesbaden about 300 soldiers for the Ukrainian Security Assistance Group.

In addition, the Ukrainian head of state welcomed the decision of the European Council Your country’s accession to the European Union. Zelensky described it like this a “victory for Ukraine and for all of Europe” that “motivates, inspires and strengthens”.

The decision was made by the Twenty-Seven later Hungary overturned the Prime Minister’s veto at the last minute, Victor Orban. His accession could be an important boost given the stagnation on the war front and uncertainty about the continuity of financial and military aid from the United States.

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