Zelensky fires Zaluzhni, head of the Ukrainian armed forces

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskydismissed the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, Valeri Zaluzhniwho will be replaced in office by the previous commander of the land forces, Oleksandr Sirski.

“I thank General Zaluzhni for the two years he protected the country. I do.” thankful “For every victory we have achieved together and thank you to all Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting heroically in this war,” Zelensky said in a video posted on Telegram.

Changes in the armed forces

The president emphasizes that both have spoken openly about what needs to change in the armed forces, changes he called “urgent” when the front is practically stagnant.

Zelensky suggested that Zaluzhni, with whom he published a photo of both shaking hands and the dismissed general making the victory sign with his fingers, “be on the team in the future.” Ukrainian state“.

The discharge takes place after days speculations about this possibility and even information that Zelensky had already informed Zaluzhni two weeks ago, but that he had rejected another position.

Colonel General Sirski, new commander in chief of the armed forces

The Ukrainian President announced in his Video message who appointed Colonel General Sirski as the new commander-in-chief of the armed forces, although this is not the only change in the army’s leadership.

Zelensky said he wanted the war vision to be the same for soldiers at the front. robot (Zaporijia) or Avdivka (Donetsk) than at the headquarters and at the meetings of the Commander-in-Chief Stavka with the military leadership.

He revealed that he had held dozens of discussions with commanders at various levels, particularly with brigadier generals. Andrí Hnatov, Mikhailo Drapati, Igor Skibiuk and the supreme ones Pavel Palisa And Vadim Sukharevsky.

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“The year 2024 can be successful for Ukraine only if effective changes take place at the base of our defense, the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Zelensky added.

Zaluzhni is very popular in Ukraine

Zaluzhni himself, who enjoys great popularity in Ukraine, even greater than the president himself, noted on his Telegram channel that he “proud of all members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who protect the future of our children.

“All soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers. I bow my head to all who gave their lives Ukraine and that Freedom. “We will remember and take revenge on everyone,” he wrote, expressing confidence that “Ukrainians will definitely win the war.”

Zaluzhni recalled that in the first and most difficult days of the Russian war, the armed forces under his command faced “a vile and powerful enemy.”

“We will persevere together. Our fight continues and changes daily. The tasks of 2022 are different from the tasks of 2024. Therefore, everyone must also change and adapt to the new realities. Win together,” he emphasized.

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