Zelensky convinced that a special court will judge the “Russian aggression”

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has been convinced that there will be a special court that will judge Russia for its aggression against Ukraine.

"I’m sure there will be a court, there will be justice"has affirmed in his habitual nocturnal speech.

In his address, the Ukrainian president explained that all this week Ukraine has worked "at various levels in European capitals to gain a critical mass of support for the launch of a special tribunal: a tribunal on Russian aggression".

"London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and other capitals… We are strengthening our position everywhere, accumulating the support of our partners. I’m sure there will be a court, there will be justice"has said.

After referring to the awards given this Friday to the Ukrainian prisoners who have been released, Zelenski has stated that he will not abandon his military: "We will not leave a single Ukrainian in Russian prisons, camps and ‘isolation’".

The Ukrainian president has also commented that there are three ships that are going to send Ukrainian grain to Somalia and Ethiopia, and that by the end of spring around 60 ships will be sent with the same humanitarian cargo that "save millions of people from hunger".

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