Zelensky considers it “absurd” that NATO does not give a date for Ukraine’s entry

Kiev (BLAZETRENDS).- The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, said today on the way to the NATO summit in Vilnius that it is “absurd” that the Alliance is not going to give an invitation date for his country to join and assured that it has “signs” that there will be a declaration without direct reference to membership once the war is over.

“The formula only refers to the invitation, and not to Ukraine’s accession,” Zelensky said of the content of the statement that the allies would be negotiating. The president described as “absurd and unprecedented” that the declaration that is being discussed does not include a date to invite Ukraine to join the Alliance.

The Ukrainian head of state also complained that the statement that NATO leaders would be preparing alludes to “conditions” for Ukraine, not just to be accepted into NATO, but to be invited to join. “It seems that there is no availability either to invite Ukraine to NATO or to make it a member of the Alliance,” he stressed.

NATO considers the Vilnius summit “historic” for the Turkish unlocking and hopes to give a “clear and positive message” to kyiv about its accession process

“This means that a window of opportunity is being left open to negotiate Ukraine’s NATO membership in negotiations with Russia. And for Russia this means a reason to continue terror, ”added the Ukrainian president in his message, posted on his social networks.

Zelensky also complained that the possible formula of the NATO declaration is being negotiated “without Ukraine”, and affirmed that his country “deserves respect”.

“Uncertainty means weakness and I will speak openly about this at this summit,” concludes Zelensky’s message, which presages a tense meeting in the Lithuanian capital.

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