Zelensky comes to the UN General Assembly with a new frontline achievement

Russia is trying to close the gap in its defense line created by Ukrainian forces in recent days, Ukraine’s top general reported today Oleksandr Syrskyj. To do this, it is using “all available reserves” and “launching counterattacks from all directions,” Syrskyi told the Military Media Center, as “fierce fighting” continues near the city, which has been the epicenter of fighting in Ukraine for a year.

The breach occurred after Ukrainian troops took control of the area Villages Andiivka and Klishchirvka, south of Bakhmut. “These seemingly small towns were important elements of the enemy’s defense line that stretched from Bakhmut to Horlivka,” the general emphasized.

He emphasized that some of the best Russian units had been “defeated and completely decapitated,” such as the 72nd, 31st and 83rd Brigades. Russia’s counterattack attempts were “unsuccessful.” However, the situation for Ukraine remains difficult Russia wants to renew the offensive near Kupyansk and Limansaid one of the Ukrainian military leaders.

As the Ukrainian army continues to advance in the east and south, its new defense minister, the Crimean Tatar, is appointed Rustem UmerovHe has begun assembling his new team at the ministry. On Monday, as part of a joint procedure, all but one of former minister Oleksii Reznikov’s deputies were fired by the government. It is unlikely that everyone will return to their posts. Among them is Hanna Maliarwho was one of the most public representatives of Reznikov’s team and reported on the main developments of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

“The ministry continues to function as usual,” Umerov wrote after announcing his “restart.” He later promised more news and stressed that his next target would be the next meeting of the Rammstein group of more than 50 countries that support Ukraine’s defense.

A key goal of the Ukrainian president will be to gain more international support VolodymyrZelenskywho will travel to address the UN General Assembly in New York and meet with the US President Joe Biden and other managers.

Zelensky will try to explain “why this war should have a just end” and “that support for Ukraine is an investment in stability, global rules and the restoration of international order,” his administration’s adviser told CNN. Myjailo Podoliak.

The politician will also emphasize that “the war can end sooner if there are enough weapons for Ukraine,” emphasized Podoliak.

At the start of the Russian invasion, Zelensky, a skilled orator, focused on winning support in Western countries by appealing to their parliaments and the general public. Recently, it has increasingly turned to those countries considered “neutral,” such as many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, to gain support for its peace plan that supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and the full liberation of its territory.

The Ukrainian leader addressed the UN General Assembly via video link last September when he called on member states to expel Russia from the organization’s Security Council and impose “tough global sanctions” on the country.

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