Home Entertainment Zayed Khan, your simplicity is your wealth : Shaun

Zayed Khan, your simplicity is your wealth : Shaun

Zayed Khan, your simplicity is your wealth : Shaun

Sunday was actor Zayed Khan’s birthday. On this day, this much-criticized artist received many wishes. But actress, singer and director Meher Afroz’s wish was unique to Zayed Khan.

Shaun wished Zayed Khan and said, ‘Happy birthday Zayed Khan, your simplicity is your wealth.

Not only that, Shaun also warned Zayed. Said, ‘But that simplicity should not turn into stupidity, the boundary line needs to be drawn.’

Meher Afroz Shaon expressed good wishes for Zayed Khan to be discussed as much as he is talented. Addressing Zayed, he said, ‘Rather than thinking about how much to say, it is very important for you to know when to shut up and just listen.

Best wishes to perfect whatever talent you have and talk about it only. Stay well.’

Shaon posted a selfie with Zayed Khan and wrote, ‘This is not a post for fun. I consciously wished my loved one happy birthday in my language.

Recently, Meher Afroz Shaon went to an award ceremony in the United States. Zayed Khan was also invited there. A group photo of them is also seen.

In this context, Zayed Khan told the voice of time, yesterday was my birthday. I received many wishes.

I am overwhelmed by my love for people. Shaun Apu congratulated me and I am overwhelmed. He loves me, I respect him. I am thankful to everyone.

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