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Zara’s second-hand platform lands in France

Zara Pre-Owned arrives in a new country. Inditex has announced that from Thursday 7 September, French people will be able to use the Pre-Owned service to buy used clothing from the brand. France will be the second market where the Spanish fashion chain launches its new business model, as it is already active in the UK.

Starting next week, Zara customers in France will have access to the second-hand platform, which is integrated into the Zara website and its mobile application. Consumers can extend the useful life of the garments through this space as they can be repaired, sold or even buy used garments.

The Fashion Network website shared the statements of Paula Ampuero, responsible for sustainable development at Zara.com: «We firmly believe that innovation is key to developing a circular future. That is why we work actively and together to find and scale solutions in order to shape an increasingly sustainable value chain.«

Zara expands its pre-owned platform

The Zara Pre-Owned platform was first released in the UK in November 2022 and has been very well received by the market. For this reason, Marta Ortega, current President of the Inditex Group, announced at the last shareholders’ meeting last July that this proposal will be extended to the company’s key markets until 2025: “The idea is We will continue to expand Zara Pre-Owned to new markets. We’ll start with France and Germany, but we’re making every effort to get it to Spain before the end of the year.«.

Among the services that Zara Pre-Owned includes is the Zara garment repair service. You can request repairs of buttons, seams or replacement of fasteners via a form in which you must provide data such as the type of garment, color or condition. In addition, customers can request their later pick-up in store and monitor the process.

On the other hand, the platform offers an online buying and selling space between individuals, with the company’s role being to provide security for transactions, manage parcel shipments and monitor the process.

Inditex aims to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030 and is working on such an initiative.

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