Bitci Baskonia went over Zaragoza from the second quarter (91-59). The team from Vitoria was struggling to mathematically close its pass to the Playoffs while Zaragoza was struggling to continue with permanence options. Reunion of Neven Spahija with one of the legends of the former Yugoslavia: Dragan Sakota. The mature prevailed over the veteran with a very choral basketball. Four players finished with 14 or more points in their personal locker.

The clash started well for the Maños (0-4, min. 2) but there was a local reaction that fired the Buesa team. After a 12-2 run, the score was 12-6. A mate by Fontecchio forced Sakota to call the first timeout, a team that was denied from the triple shot throughout the afternoon. Bone showed his quality in the first minutes but then his effect faded. One of the things that Spahija demanded in the last days was to be more consistent on the bounce and, at the end of the first quarter, the Basques won 11-4 in that facet.

Giedratis and, above all, Enoch, shot Bitci in the second quarter. There were two minutes left before the break and the light signaled a clear 46-24. The twenty difference was already even surpassed. At the break, Enoch had 13 points, 3 rebounds and 15 PIR figures. The feeling of superiority was tremendous and Casademont seemed to disengage from the game to focus all their efforts on the duel they will have against Andorra.

In the third quarter the gap widened (53-37, min. 25). There was a threat of reaction tomorrow, placing a difference of 13, but the Vitorians once again endorsed their rival with an 11-1 run. The maximum came in the final quarter when Baskonia went 35 up with 88-53 in the 37th minute. Fontecchio finished with 19 points, Enoch and Costello with 15 and Giedraitis with 14. At Casademont, only Kilpatrick exceeded ten. In terms of rebounds, something that worries Spahija a lot, 42 to 28 for the Buesa Arena.

Now we have to face the last two days visiting Lenovo in Tenerife and receiving Joventut in the Alava capital. The intention is to get as high as possible to avoid the coconuts of the competition in the first crossings, Barcelona and Real Madrid. In the meantime, the Sakota team will continue to fight for salvation and have marked the duel against Andorra in flashing red.


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