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Zara already has a date for the launch of its second-hand platform

Inditex replicates its Zara 'megastore' in Plaza España in London

Zara used goodsthe company’s platform to sell or repair used clothing, will reach 14 new European marketsincluding Spain, on December 12th.

This initiative first saw the light of day in the UK in November 2022 and was well received by the market. In addition, it has been available in France since last September. Therefore, Inditex Group will launch this platform in Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal.

The launch of Zara Pre-Owned was Inditex’s first venture into second-hand services, although the company previously installed recycling bins across its store network in 2016. To this end, the company will create a Pre-Owned section on its website. -In possession. The new platform will be available on the main menu of Zara.com, alongside the women’s, men’s, children’s and beauty categories. Through this section, consumers can repair, resell or donate used clothing.

Garment repairs at any time of the year

For Zara, the most sustainable presses are the ones you already have. With the aim of helping to extend the life cycle of the items, the company offers Repair servicethis allows Repair used Zara clothes from any season. Repair options range from replacing buttons and zippers to repairing seams.

You will have a network of workshops working to find the best solution. The customer can carry out the procedure online or in the Zara store of their choice. In addition, the repair is carried out through local suppliers.

As for resale, Zara Pre-Owned offers its customers the opportunity to breathe new life into garmentsby being able to resell the items or buy them used. This shopping section will be organized by product category and will contain detailed information about each of these categories, including Zara’s original details of the garment and current images from the seller.

Zara has finally started a collection program for used clothing, shoes and accessories with the aim of promoting the recycling of used products and extending their useful lifewhile having a positive impact on the community.

Customers can request collection of used clothing at home to donate to nonprofit organizations. Who will classify them according to their condition and quality? These items are given to people at risk of exclusion, sold in second-hand shops or recycled. The proceeds are intended to finance the social projects of these organizations, such as the Red Cross or Caritas.

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