Zaporozhye bombed again on 169th day of war in Ukraine

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news of the day

The Zaporozhye power plant, the largest in Ukraine and Europe, was again targeted by artillery fire. “(Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky’s militants fired again at the nuclear power plant,” a member of the Russian occupation administration said on Thursday.

The plant has already been targeted by two bombings last week, raising the concern of the international community. Since then, kyiv and Moscow have accused each other of the bombings. The UN Secretary General warned on Thursday of a risk of “disaster” at the plant, hours before an emergency meeting of the Security Council at the nuclear site.

No radioactive leak was detected after the strikes. “At present, no contamination has been detected at the station and the level of radioactivity is normal,” said Evgeny Balitsky, head of the Russian civil and military administration of this occupied region.

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sentence of the day

This is Putin’s war. This is why I find it difficult to accept this idea. »

These are the words of Olaf Scholz who opposed the idea of ​​a ban on entry into the European Union (EU) for Russians. The German Chancellor does not want to keep them away, unlike Estonia which has already announced that it will close its borders to Russian citizens with Schengen visas. Estonia is one of the countries, along with Latvia and Finland, through which Russians enter the EU at the land border in the absence of air traffic. Olaf Scholz believes that punitive measures should be aimed at decision-makers in Moscow rather than all Russians.

The number of the day

20 billion. This is the sum at which the foreign debt of Ukraine is assessed. Ukraine’s economy has collapsed since the start of the Russian invasion, launched on February 24. It could see its GDP plunge by 45% this year, according to the latest World Bank estimates. The country obtained from its international creditors a two-year moratorium on its debt.

The trend of the day

Another Eastern European country is directly opposed to Russia… and hasn’t entered the game through the back door. The Latvian parliament has just qualified Russia as a “State supporting terrorism”. “Russian violence against Ukrainian civilians” is also considered “targeted genocide”, he said in a statement posted on his website.

Not mincing its words, the Latvian parliament invites other countries to “express the same opinion”. The reaction from Moscow was not long in coming: the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, considered that this statement had no other substance than “primary xenophobia”.

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