Zalando launches its fashion assistant powered by ChatGPT

Zalando has launched one Assistant powered by ChatGPT for the Buyers from UK and Ireland. As the German marketplace explains, buyers can use the new assistant to “Discover the Zalando offering in your own words and expressions“Although you emphasized, “This is an evolving technology and may not work well at first«.

The fashion assistant understands the customer and adapts the results in real time to the questions they askZalando explained. The new assistant is currently being used in one betaTherefore, the company stated: “It is still in its early stages, but more features will be added in the future«.

«This beta release will be instrumental in understanding how customers interact with the Fashion Assistant, refining its features, and deciding what features to add based on customer feedback.“, I added.

«With our fashion assistant, we can help customers find the right clothes for a specific occasion: a birthday party, a business meeting or even a trip to Machu Picchu. Customers can be inspired by a specific style, a celebrity or a cultural moment – the possibilities are almost endless.“, has explained Tian Su,vPresident of Personalization and Recommendation at Zalando.

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