Zalando launches a virtual tester pilot

Zalando has redoubled its efforts in the business segment dedicated to sizing, with a new virtual fitting room experience available to its millions of customers in the 25 markets in which it operates, including Spain. As reported by the company in a statement, Spanish customers will be able to create a 3D avatar by entering your height, weight and gender and receive information for a specific selection of 22 jean models. This is precisely one of the most difficult categories when it comes to finding the right size due to the lack of unity of criteria in the industry. Thanks to this pilot, customers will be able to see how they fit different sizes of different brands, with a heat map that indicates on the avatar itself where the tight or loose garment is.

Zalando has already done successfully two pilot projects together with Puma and with his own brand Anna Field, in which more than 30,000 customers tested this innovative technology. Both pilots were available for several weeks. “Our goal with these pilots is to learn and understand how consumers interact with this new technology so that we can develop a seamless scalable solution in the future. We have seen consumer engagement with these initiatives increase, and in fact, approximately half of customers try on more than one size with their avatar.”Explain Stacia Carr, Vice President of Size & Fit at Zalando. “We want to support the industry in continuing to adopt and leverage 3D digital design software and workflows to produce fashion items. These processes will generate digital assets needed to scale to a virtual trial experience.”underline.

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“Helping customers find the right size the first time is an important part of our goal to deepen customer relationships by making shopping at Zalando a more personal and interactive experience. I am very excited that our virtual fitting room pilot is now available in Spain, making it possible for our Spanish customers to create a virtual avatar on our Zalando Fashion Store and let them see how the jeans look on them. We are excited to see how customers will react to this project and their feedback will serve as lessons to help the Size & Fit team develop a trusted virtual fitting room experience in the future.”it states Riccardo Vola, general director of Zalando for Italy and Spain.

Zalando is the only fashion ecommerce platform in Europe with its own team dedicated to sizing. This department uses a combination of pattern modeling and machine learning, computer vision, and other technologies to predict whether items will be too big or too small. They have also developed personalized size recommendations based on customers’ purchase and return history, along with reference items that customers can add to their size profile. In those articles in which Zalando advises on sizing, returns have decreased by 10% Compared to similar items where sizing guidance is not offered.

Zalando measuring and sizing equipment is also working on a body measurement toolwhich will allow customers to have personalized recommendations based on their current measurements, and will be available in the coming months.

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