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Yves Rocher closes all branches in Germany and puts together a new management team

Yves Rocher closes all branches in Germany and puts together a new management team

The French cosmetics company Yves Rocher closes its branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company will gradually close up to 140 stores in the coming months. The German newspaperPicture» reported that the company asked employees in March to agree on a social plan because it would affect more than 350 jobs.

A spokesman for Yves Rocher cited economic problems as the main reason This motivated her to make this decision: “The last two years have also presented us with enormous economic challenges«. By reducing the number of branches, they hope to be able to operate sustainably again and achieve good financial results again.

New management team for Yves Rocher

Bris Rocher, President and CEO of Groupe Rocher since 2009, has decided to delegate his leadership responsibilities to a new CEO. From July 1, 2023, Bris Rocher will focus on the Group’s strategy as Chairman of the Board and Jean-David Schwartz will act as Group CEO. Since the group has grown significantly over the last ten years and is facing major challenges, Bris Rocher introduces this new governance structure to adapt the group to market changes and maximize its future development.

Management will focus on operational implementation, initially prioritizing efforts based on three identified priorities: improving the Group’s profitability, meeting its financial obligations and preparing for the future, in particular by addressing the environmental and social challenges arising in the be the focus of its mission. The management organization, dedicated to implementing Groupe Rocher’s strategy and promoting the success of its joint project, is evolving to better meet the company’s challenges. Composed of new members, mainly from Groupe Rocher, this new Executive Committee will be more operational, faster and more agile.

Bris Rocher explained: “The separation of the leadership functions of the chairman and CEO is an essential practice of modern corporate management. By delegating leadership responsibilities to a new CEO, we want to strengthen transparency, independence and accountability within our organization. Jean-David Schwartz has my complete trust. His numerous interpersonal and managerial qualities, his exceptional knowledge of the Group and his international experience, as well as his track record in managing the Group’s brands make him an ideal candidate. I firmly believe that this strengthened governance will enable us to overcome future challenges together while maximizing our development potential and financial performance. This is the best way to ensure the transmission of our family heritage to the next generations.«.

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