Yuzu emulator runs Nintendo Switch games in 8K on your PC

Nintendo Switch emulation keeps pushing the limits. While the 4K model is only a distant rumor, the Yuzu software already manages to run games in 8 K. With only two incompatible titles, it becomes almost useless to buy the console …

Just days after its release, the Nintendo Switch OLED is already out of stock. For players who don’t want to wait for the shortage to end and who, on top of that, don’t have a standard or Lite Switch either, there is an alternative solution: theemulation. Most often illegal, it is also limited by the configuration of the user’s PC. Yet it already allows impressive feats.

Yuzu, one of the most renowned in his category, is likely to see his popularity skyrocket in the coming days. Indeed, the developers have rolled out a major new update this weekend. The latter includes a feature called Resolution Scaler which, as its name suggests, acts on the resolution of games. And not in any way: the emulator can now run Switch titles in 8K.

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Playing Nintendo Switch games in 8K is possible

This is therefore a considerable leap forward for the portable console which only offers 720 p or 900 p. Especially since if the Switch 4K is talking about it, it is for the moment only a distant rumor whose color we could never see. It’s a safe bet that more and more users, despite the repercussions hovering over their heads.

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It must be said that the environment is developing more and more. The Switch is the only console of this generation to be emulated, and things are going at breakneck speed. 3 days after its release, Metroid Dread was already available for pirate download. A situation that is likely not to please Nintendo, which has just launched its OLED Switch, and which is well known for wage war on illegal copies of his games.

At present, only two games are incompatible with Yuzu, namely Crash Bandicoot 4 and Paper Mario The Origami King. The emulator therefore has enormous potential. We advise you of course to get a legal version of the game that you want to emulate before using it.

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