Have you ever tried to play with one hand? Pretty tricky, because controllers are made to operate with two hands. People with a disability in their hand or arm are therefore often unable to play.

The Finnish YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has come up with something. He made a special PlayStation controller that you can operate with one hand.


Akaki often makes game controllers and uses them in his videos. He noticed that it is difficult to game with one hand, because you often have to do two things at the same time.

He found out that many people are looking for a solution for this and he wants to help them with that.

Akaki made special attachments that you can easily click on a controller. They are made with a 3D printer. If you have a 3D printer nearby, you can copy them yourself. Akaki’s designs are free to download.

In this way he hopes to make as many people as possible happy with his one-handed controller.


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