The video platform of Google Protect yourself from the magnitude of the company so that its essence can be summed up in an annual video. Users, however, may disagree with this justification after the recent video fiasco. YouTube Rewind.

The confirmation comes today, from the hand of the American giant itself. However, there is an apology for the failure of the last two editions of these year-end videos. On the other hand, the company cites the immense scale of its platform as justification in response to various users.

It’s the end of YouTube Rewind videos

We all control Rewind“Under this motto begins the fateful Rewind centered on Will Smith, a Hollywood star whom YouTube presents to try to reach a new audience and / or capture some of the glamor conventional means of entertainment. The bet would be wildly wrong and would rate this video as the most “disapproved” in YouTube history.

YouTube Rewind videos began as a roundup of the highlights of Google’s video platform, debuting at the end of each year. In a short time, they became one of the most appreciated articles by users, until 2018 that is.

In 2019 YouTube would resume these types of videos, with less effort and less expectation after having created the video with the worst rating on its entire platform. The irony contained in this sentence has not gone unnoticed on the platform itself.

As of this writing, Rewind 2018 continues to sport the video title with the most “I don’t like it.” More than 19 million users express their dissatisfaction with the institutional path that the production in question has taken.

YouTube Says Decision Not Linked to 2018 Fiasco

The news was first advanced by Tube filter with the confirmation of the extinction of this type of videos. The decision was made by the YouTube summit after they did not publish any such video in 2020, nor did they provide a justification.

Given the above, there is little doubt about the role of community voting in the 2018 and 2019 videos in the now announced result. However, the Google platform vehemently denies such a possibility, claiming that it is too large to be able to add the annual highlights in a single video with the current templates.

The future of the platform goes through the Shorts (from TikTok)

psst have shorts? 👀

– YouTube YouTube) October 5, 2021

Ultimately, YouTube shields itself in its dimension to justify the massive rejection of the institutional management of the latest videos. It is the end of a saga that began in 2011 and would end in 2019, not with a bang but with a sigh of frustration.

The future is shorts.


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