YouTube prepares a “channel store”

Since the appearance of content platforms via streaming, YouTube has seen how its piece of the pie decreases. However, this could change according to a newspaper leak Wall Street Journal which has revealed that Google and YouTube are about to introduce a service they refer to internally as «channel shop». The existence of this project came to light approximately 18 months ago, when they would have begun to develop it.

With «channel shop» or as it would be said in Spanish channel store YouTube would start to resemble companies like Roku. This will allow you to start competing with the big platforms of streaming like Netflix, Disney Plus or even Amazon Prime and Walmart+; that has just signed an agreement with Paramount to add a service of streaming to your membership.

As reported by the WSJ, the new YouTube service will offer consumers a “trailers of free shows or movies on YouTube and then they can easily pay to subscribe to the service«. This is the little that is known about the service, because it is still unknown what it will look like.

It is not the first service of this type that tries to launch YouTube

In 2016, it launched YouTube Originals, a way of producing content for which you had to pay a subscription. This service was canceled a few months ago for not having the expected reception. Currently, it still works but it is free.

They also have YouTube Premium which is their premium service. This offers a mixed offer of YouTube Music and the removal of advertising on videos.

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Lastly, there is YouTube TV, a platform that includes users subscribing to HBO Max, Showtime and AMC+ channels. This model is only available in the United States and has more than 85 channels.

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