YouTube Premium: more than 80 million users of this Google service

YouTube Premium: more than 80 million users of this Google service

The subscription service to access Youtube no advertising and more benefits, the YouTube Premium, currently has more than 80 million subscribers around the world. The metrics have now been published by Google’s own video platforms celebrating their success.

This is solid growth in the number of paid YouTube users, with equally broad access to the YouTube Music platform. It is a good metric for the platform, meeting the expectations of the North American giant for this service for accessing online video and music content.

80 million YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscribers

YouTube PremiumGoogle

It was through a publication signed by Lyor Cohen that North American technology, through its Blog, with several reasons for Google to celebrate this holiday season. Looking at the data recorded up to the end of September 2022, Premium’s monthly subscriber base increased to 80 million.

🇧🇷Today we celebrate an important milestone. As of September 2022, YouTube has surpassed 80 million YouTube Premium and Music subscribers worldwide, including those in the early access (trial) phase.🇧🇷 That’s an increase of 30 million members compared to the 50 million registered last year at this table. This is a monumental time for music on YouTube, for our subscribers and artists. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

The North American technological executive approves the approach to the market followed by his team. It is, once again, proof of the search giant’s main sources of income, especially on this platform, the advertising displayed and subscriptions.

YouTube Music wants to establish itself as an alternative to Spotify and Apple Music

YouTube as a video platform shows more and more advertising. Part of the revenue from your presentation goes back to the content creator, but a significant part goes back to Google. At the same time, with more and more users saturated with advertising on the platform, paying the monthly fee turns out to be a logical step.

In this way, they no longer have to worry about displaying ads at the beginning, middle and end of the content, without interrupting its presentation. In addition, “free” YouTube is increasingly serving as a gateway to the paid version, its Premium🇧🇷

It’s goals like this that have now been achieved that also fuel YouTube’s growing ambition. In fact, the management of the company wants to reach an increasing number of Spotify users as the preferred platform for music streaming.

However, Spotify currently has 195 million subscribers worldwide, so Google still has a long way to go.

Also, it should be noted, there continues to be increasingly fierce competition between Spotify, Amazon Music and of course Apple’s music service in the music market. transmission in 2022.

Finally, we remind you that Google’s video platform recently received a new and more modern user interface. The changes, however, have already reached all platforms, as well as the different regions of the globe.

Starting today, we’re rolling out a modern new look and feel for YouTube, as well as several product features that will add an even more immersive viewing experience. It’s the same YouTube in essence but with definite improvements based on your feedback. (1/3)

— Neal Mohan (@nealmohan) October 24, 2022


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