YouTube makes your search easier with videos in chapters

YouTube has just announced the arrival of a new feature to facilitate Internet users’ searches on the platform. Soon, the video chapters will appear directly on the search page. Thanks to the displayed timecode, you can directly access a specific part of the video of your choice.

Credits: YouTube

Year after year, YouTube continues to integrate new features and services. Automatic translation of video titles and descriptions should arrive soon, Android users benefit from more options for defining videos, while 4K arrives on the platform’s Android app since February 2021.

In a new blog post published this Tuesday, August 17, 2021, YouTube announces the upcoming integration of a new feature that will make your searches much easier. Indeed, the chapters of the videos will now be displayed directly on the search page. “Until now, when you searched for a video to watch on YouTube, you would see a thumbnail of each video. This allowed you to have a quick preview of the video content. Now you can make even more informed decisions about what to watch with video chapters right on the search page.” presents the platform.

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youtube chapters
Credits: YouTube

Easily access chapters of a video

Let’s take an example. If you’re looking for a video about a cooking recipe, for example, or about assembling a PC, thanks to these new search results, you’ll be able to see all the steps in a video. You are then free to go directly to the kneading phase or the installation of the motherboard.

In addition to this new feature, YouTube announces that viewing the desired videos is being implemented in the mobile version of the application. In addition, the platform starts to “display search results in other languages ​​with automatically translated captions, titles and descriptions when relevant content is not available in the local language”. Please note that YouTube intends to offer this service in other languages. “We hope that all global content will be made more accessible through translated subtitles and help creators reach a more global audience.” YouTube says.

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Source: YouTube

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