YouTube makes changes that will make your life easier on Android and iOS

YouTube is getting ready to get better if you use it on your Android or iOS smartphone. This is because a new video playback interface is available on the mobile versions.

This has started to trickle down to some Android and iOS users, giving you direct access to certain buttons if you place a video in full-screen landscape mode. As you can see below, it will save you a lot of time.

New buttons come to YouTube on Android and iOS

YouTube now has a new mobile video player UI (rolling out to Android and iOS devices), with direct access to buttons like Like/Dislike, Share, and Comments. #Youtube

—Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) February 1, 2022

Leaker discovery Ishan Agarwal shows that Like and Dislike buttons, comments or sharing are now directly available in landscape mode. Previously, it was necessary to leave this full screen mode to access these buttons.

The newfound novelty makes you can easily like a video or share it easily without leaving full screen mode. Which in certain situations will make your life easier. And what you’re watching doesn’t stop playing.

These controls also give you quick access to the comments section, which was only accessible if you switched back to portrait mode. When you tap on the comments button, they appear on the left side of this landscape mode.

More easily accessible comments on YouTube for mobile devices.  Credit: The Verge
More easily accessible comments on YouTube for mobile devices. Credit: The Verge

As revealed by spokeswoman Allison Top to The Verge, this design novelty is coming to Android and iOS smartphones on Monday. So it will be a matter of a few days until it reaches your team, if it is not available yet.

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