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YouTube introduces a new approach to responsible AI innovation

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Generative AI has the potential to multiply creativity on YouTube and transform the experience of its viewers and creators. It is important for the company to balance this potential with its responsibility to protect the platform community.

AI will bring new risks that require new approaches, Youtube gives an introduction to his new one Approach to achieve responsible AI innovations, which will come to market in the coming months and years.

New options for creators, viewers and artists

In the coming months, you will be able to request removal of AI-generated content and other synthetic or manipulated content that impersonates an identifiable person, including their face and voice, through your privacy complaint process. Various factors are taken into account when evaluating these requests and not all content will be removed from YouTube. For example, this takes into account whether the content is a parody or satire, whether the person who made the request can be clearly identified, or whether the content is a politician, a high-ranking official or a famous person acts are permitted.

They also offer musicians the opportunity to request the removal of AI-generated music content that recreates an artist’s voice or a particular style of singing.

These controls are available to record labels and distributors representing artists participating in YouTube’s first AI music experiments.

Using AI technologies to better moderate content

Google has more than 20,000 reviewers worldwide. Its AI-powered classification tools help identify rich contentpossibly, violate the rules and their reviewers are later responsible for checking whether content goes beyond what is permitted. AI has helped them improve both the speed and accuracy of their content moderation systems.

Therefore, identifying new forms of abuse is a very insightful area. When a new threat emerges, systems have little context to understand and identify it at scale. Using generative AI, they can quickly expand the information their AI classifiers are trained on, allowing them to identify and capture content much sooner.

AI tools and capabilities that arise from responsibility

The company will continue to work on developing new AI tools for YouTube creators, always with a coherent approach and in line with the goal of responsibility with which they have approached their major challenges.

Among other things, they do important work develop barriers that prevent their AI tools from being used to generate the type of content they don’t want on YouTube. Of course, they realize that there will inevitably be people who will try to overcome these barriers.

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