THE Youtubethe video platform Google, has just introduced a new feature that promises to streamline users’ multimedia consumption. More specifically, it will alert viewers to the most interesting sections of each video.

This warning or visual alert will be present in the version mobilein requests for android Y iOS (iPhone), as well as the web version of Youtube for computers So, we can see what are the tmost repeated inmates and, as such, favorites on each content.

YouTube will present the “most repeated” fragments in each YouTube video


Above we see an example of the function “most playedalready applied to YouTube. It is a similar implementation to the Chapters, already present on the platform, but with the advantage of indicating to the user which will be the most important area in any video.

It is important to note that this warning will appear at the top of the video playback window. Thus, at a glance, the user will know which fragments of any video have the most repetitions in the views. As a general rule, this is an indicator of the most interesting content, or the central area of ​​​​the message to be transmitted.

In short, despite not being a revolutionary function, it is still something comfortable for the user. Especially in the age of TikTok, with our attention span limited to 1-3 minutes, something that will be reflected in the length of YouTube videos from now on.

Straight to the point, but less time on YouTube

YouTube now highlights the most watched part of a video, so naturally I go back to all Haechan’s fancams to see if it matches my favorite part. So far I’m okay with the Kick It hub, Arcade hub, and Universe nods (you know what I’m talking about)

— 좋은 직캠 👾 (@fullsunfocus) May 19, 2022

Although for the user it will be a welcome resource, for content creators it can bring new challenges. Since the user can simply move to the most repeating and interesting area/section, retention and length of stay may suffer with this change.

However, the Chapters, now available on YouTube, also helped the user, as well as the content creator, to better catalog the topics covered in each video. Now, we have the crystallization of this organization system with the new resource that is already being distributed on YouTube.


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