Youth with firearms and explosives arrested in front of Obama’s house

A person with firearms and explosives has been arrested in front of the house of former US President Barack Obama. According to police, the arrested person has been identified as Taylor Taranto (37). He is a wanted accused in connection with the attack on the Capitol Building (US Capitol).

He was arrested in front of Barack Obama’s home in the Kalorama area of ​​Washington DC on Thursday. News from The Independent

Police and the Secret Service said the man was spotted running toward Barack Obama’s home. At that time, when he tried to arrest him, he threatened that he had firearms and explosives. He was later arrested.

Incidentally, on January 6, 2021, there was an attack on the US Capitol building. Four people including a woman were killed. Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington to oppose the congressional session that day. In a speech at that rally, Trump announced that he would not accept defeat in the November election. Shortly thereafter, hundreds of Trump supporters broke the security barricade of the Parliament building and clashed with the police. Even after losing to Joe Biden in the presidential election held on November 3, 2020, Trump was not willing to leave the White House.

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