Young man who killed four people in Puerto Rico sentenced to 40 years

A judge of the Federal Court of San Juan sentenced a young man identified as Nycole Amaury Rosario Sánchez to 40 years in prison for murdering four people during three robberies and two "carjackings" (vehicle thefts at gunpoint).

It was Judge Francisco A. Besosa who imposed the sentence against Rosario Sánchez on Wednesday in that court, the San Juan Federal Prosecutor’s Office reported Thursday in a press release.

Rosario Sánchez, 20, pleaded guilty on May 27, 2022 to having committed a robbery on January 4, 2018 at the Fernan Pizza business in Yabucoa, where he injured a customer and an employee.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to the fact that on January 11, 2018, in the midst of an assault at the El Invader business on Highway 1 in San Juan, he shot and killed an employee of the establishment.

The accusation includes having also confessed to a "car jacking" on January 13, 2018 of an off-road vehicle at a gas station in Santurce (San Juan), where he shot and killed the motorcycle driver.

A day later, Rosario Sánchez committed an assault on the business Tripletas Mixtas Ruiz in Cidra (center), where he shot several customers and shot dead one of the employees.

However, that same day, the defendant, along with other people, committed a "car jacking"whose driver was shot dead.

Rosario Sánchez was a minor when she committed all these acts.

However, he was prosecuted as an adult.

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