Young man arrested for kidnapping a minor girl for “cat”

In India, a young man kidnapped a seven-year-old girl to make her a cat to disrupt his marriage, but the girl was caught before he could be killed.

According to Indian media, a 25-year-old man was in a hurry to get married in Noida, an area adjacent to the capital Delhi, for which he sought help from a Hindu astrologer. The man kidnapped the seven-year-old girl after being seduced by a cat.

According to police, the accused, 25-year-old Sonu, lives in Chhajarsi Colony, Noida and his ancestral home is in Baghpat. Happened

According to the police, when the young man mentioned his problem to him, Tantri said that if he wanted to get married, he should give him a girl’s cat on Holi day because offering cat on Holi day fulfills all desires.

Police said Sonu was lured by Tantric and kidnapped a seven-year-old girl from Chhajarsi Colony, took her to Baghpat and started preparing to sacrifice her. On the other hand, the parents were upset when the girl went missing and started searching for her. When the girl was not found till evening, the girl’s uncle lodged a report of her niece’s disappearance, after which a regular search for the girl began.

During the interrogation, the police also found a CCTV footage of the area in which a young man was seen abducting a seven-year-old girl. He was arrested along with his accomplice while the search for Tantric is on.

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