Young man arrested for harassing and blackmailing more than 100 women

According to foreign media, cases of abuse and harassment against women have become common in India, but the government refrains from cracking down on perpetrators, further empowering obese youth to do so.

Another incident of harassment of women took place in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, where a university student befriended more than 100 students and married women on social media and later obtained their phone numbers to speak on the phone. . To increase confidence.

Prasanna Kumar aka Prashant Reddy, aka Rajareddy, aka Tony Prodato, a young man who befriends on social media, has a bachelor’s degree in technology, but due to bad company, the young man has been involved in robberies and muggings since 2017.

The police had received a complaint against the man of a girl and the police arrested the young man.

Prasanna Kumar confessed to harassing more than 100 women in police custody and begins to blackmail.

Police say the defendants blackmailed the victims and demanded large sums of money and gold jewelry.

Since 2020, Prashant Reddy has reached out to 200 college girls and more than 100 married women through Facebook, Instagram, ShareChat and other social media, police said.

The police arrested Persna Kumar and confiscated 30 grams of gold and 126,000 rupees from her possession.

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