Youba Sissokho wins in rocky pro debut

Emporio Boxing dressed up in the Finca La Alquería de Alcorcón (The event was scheduled for the Madrid Hippodrome, but had to move due to weather conditions). The project led by Fernando Sánchez seeks to give a different approach to the events and extol the figure of the boxer. “We want the best to face the best and for natural selection to make sure that when a Spanish boxer goes out to fight they know that it will be very difficult. We are in search of glory. Our idea is to have one evening a month. We hope to confirm shortly that the next date will be November 5, but we still need to close some details “, said the Madrid promoter. Emporio Boxing is mainly committed to young talent. Youba Sissokho, Amin Hachimi, Carlos Ramos and Jordan Camacho were the names they presented on their first night.In addition, the project also has established fighters, such as Melania Sorroche, current European bantamweight champion, who was also in the ring.

The most anticipated lawsuit of the night was the one that had as its main protagonist Youba sissokho. The Olympian in Rio 2016 made his debut on the rented field (he will alternate his professional career with the Olympian) and won, but it was not the expected debut. Sissokho showed his quality from the start. He took the center of the ring and was dominating Jair Cortés, who could not take the pressure off. When Youba entered he connected and in one of those attempts, a right hand went to his opponent’s cup. Cortés threw himself on the ground and said from the first moment that he could not continue. The gestures of pain were evident. He could not continue and the referee, Lázaro Carrasco, applied the regulation. As it was a fortuitous cast, Cortés had 5 minutes to recover from the blow (it is understood that with the protection of the shell he should not have a major problem), but by not doing so lost by Technical KO. Sissokho was released winning, but nobody thought that the lawsuit would end like this.

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On the other hand, the focus was on Melania Soroche. The continental champion was contesting her second fight of the year. He went for Angela Canizzaro, who tried to surprise with several cons, but when Melania put in rhythm I drowned her. He took all the oxygen with blows down and the Italian no longer wanted to go out to the third round, but his corner convinced her. Two minutes later, and with a shoulder injury involved, they threw in the towel. Sorroche was far superior. In the stellar combat of the night, Carlos Ramos won by majority decision (74-76, 75-76 and 75-75) to Rubén García ‘Peli’. Ramos injured the biceps of his right arm in the first round. (agreed to eight) and was weighed down. Peli showed that his quality is greater than his record, but Ramos pulled his heart to get the fight going. At the end, the winner promised a rematch to García .. Meanwhile, Amin Hachimi demonstrated why he is considered one of the best national prospects. From the first moment he showed speed, technique and forcefulness. With uppers and hooks, Hachimi was undermining the Italian Jacopo Fazzino, who gave him courage and although he had difficult moments, he was able to take the fight to the cards. The judges, nor anyone, had doubts (77-74, 78-73 and 78-74). In the combat that opened the night, Jordan camacho He was imposed by unanimous decision (40-35, 40-36 and 40-36) to Joel Sánchez.

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