The new Nintendo Switch OLED console ( € 419.90) comes with a bigger, brighter and prettier screen, and you must be careful to keep it that way.

Nintendo protected the Switch’s OLED screen with an adhesive film. It is a very thin layer of adhesive that acts as a barrier against scratches and scuffs.

According to a report of The Verge, nintendo Strongly advise users not to remove this protective OLED screen cover from the switch.

It may look like a conventional screen protector or even one that was put on for the sole purpose of protecting the screen during transport. Although, It is not intended to be retired, but to be a permanent addition.

This is the first Switch model to which Nintendo has added this protective film, which is explained by being the first Switch to come with a glass screen.

If you happen to remove the protective cover, you will have to be more careful with the OLED switch in the future.


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