You have to invest this monthly to be a millionaire at 65

Becoming a millionaire at 65 (or preferably sooner) is of course something every investor daydreams about. But what do you need to achieve that status and is it realistic at all? The answer to that question, especially the second part, largely depends on your assets.

Although in the crypto world it sometimes happens that people bring in millions with very small amounts.

How much should you invest monthly?

Time to dive into the numbers and see what you need to hit that million at 65. We have listed some amounts and required returns in the table below. The returns may not seem that special, but you should not forget that it is important to also deduct inflation from your achieved return.


These figures show that you need, for example, 882 euros per month in investments with a return of 5 percent on an annual basis to be a millionaire at 65. For many people, putting that amount aside will already be quite a task.

Especially if you start later, the amount you have to invest every month increases sharply. In that respect, it is advisable to open your investment accounts as early as possible. It can also be good to get used to these types of returns, which seem a bit low to the average crypto investor.

We have been quite spoiled in recent years with the price increases of bitcoin, ethereum and all other altcoins that went through the roof.

Do you want to become a millionaire?

It is also good to ask yourself if it is a good goal for you to become a millionaire. If you have to turn over all the dimes ten times every month to invest, for example, 800 or 1,000 euros, then it might be more interesting to enjoy your life now.

After all, what is it worth to be a millionaire at 65 if you have to give up your entire youth to do so? The younger you are, the more you can do with your body and the more you can enjoy life.

In that sense, it is also important to keep a little balance and not to leave the full focus on saving and investing. But that is of course something everyone has to decide for themselves.

Perhaps the bitcoin price will continue to develop as we have seen during the first years and you need much less money to reach millionaire status. Who knows, after all, the financial world remains an unpredictable beast.

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