“You had to create a new team and with Messi inside you couldn’t”

What was impossible while he was in Barcelona, ​​that there were voices against Messi, has changed. There are already those who openly state that it was time to pass the Argentine screen. The interesting thing about the case is that whoever manifests it is the maximum guarantor of the club. Jose Elijah, president of Audax, a renewable energy company, attended the La Sotana program and explained, with two forceful non-economic phrases, and yes sports, that Messi’s departure is good: “You had to create a new team and with Messi inside you couldn’t”. And another: “Messi is old enough not to be at Barça”.

It all started from a question from the radio show hosts, who questioned him about some alleged statements that he would have said that Messi should have been sold a year earlier. That’s where Elías started: “What I said is that, like culé, like José Elías, if we had let Messi go a year earlier, we would have gotten some money. If we had taken 100 million euros, it would have hit me with a song in the teeth. The end of Messi was seen; If it wasn’t last year, it was this year, and turning Barça into a winning team means doing a post-Messi project. A decision had to be made at some point. Messi is old enough not to be at Barça. And they tell me: what did you want him to retire here? Well no”.

And he questioned the interpretation of Messi’s tears: “It’s the law of life. And it screwed me up the day Messi left. But I think people confused the tears, to the parrot. Apart from the fact that many people told me that I I did not renew Messi, who is the biggest bullshit in the world. Messi did not cry because he did not continue at Barça, but he cried for a number of things, not because he did not continue at Barça (…) Messi was running out of a cycle. And to that is added that he has made life in Barcelona and that people were integrated. “The most important thing about Elías’s presentation came when he explained that Messi’s departure was more than economic, it was also sporting:” Barça had economic and organizational constraints. With the pancake that you had to let go of, how do you go to Piqué and tell him to lower his salary. There were three reasons why he could not continue: “The salary organization of the club: he had to face salary cuts that were difficult to defend. Two, we did not have the money to pay him and we were doing the bridge backwards to pay him in installments, which is what What are they doing there. (at PSG) You have to deceive yourself to believe that you can continue. And three, you have to create a new team and a new illusion and with Messi inside you couldn’t. “

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