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‘You cheated on me a thousand times’, Himanshi Khurana’s heartbroken sighs! the truth will surprise

Has Asim Riaz hurt Himanshi Khurana’s heart? Himanshi’s heart turned into a thousand pieces? Is Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz’s relationship about to end now? We are not asking these questions, but these questions were raised after reading Himanshi Khurana’s post she shared on social media. People started to feel like maybe this post is just for Asim Riaz. And now nothing is right between the two.

But after a few hours, the image became clearer. Why and for whom was this post, said Himanshi Khurana himself. It happened that due to a post by Asim Riaz, they trolled him a lot and told him a lot. Himanshi Khurana could not digest this and came to the rescue of her love. Although Asim had already clarified it, what Himanshi said up front was truly surprising. In her post, Himanshi gave a stern voice to those who had attacked her boyfriend Asim. Let’s show your tweet what you wrote after all.

Then you saw that Himanshi gave an appropriate response to the trollers on social media and told them that he was with Asim Riaz. This matter actually started with a tweet from Asim Riaz in which he wrote: Just check out some dance clips. In fact, people move on forgetting their loved ones so quickly. Kya Baat Kya Baat … This tweet from Asim Riaz was seen connecting Himanshi Khurana. Because recently Shahnaz had come to her manager’s wedding function. And there she was seen dancing. Then people started trolling him.


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