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You can install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC at your own risk

Microsoft has said it won’t back down on Windows 11’s hardware requirements, but it does open some doors for more enthusiastic users.

First, and publicly, Microsoft admits that will allow a small subset of older Intel chip-based PCs – those with Intel Core X-series chipsets, Xeon W-series chipsets, and some with selected Intel Core 7820HQ chipsets, such as Surface Studio 2 – Windows 11 upgrade. Older AMD based computers will not be upgraded.

Therefore, the previously announced Windows 11 hardware requirements – next-generation Intel Core chipsets or later, second-generation AMD Zen 2 chipsets or later, TPM 2.0, UEFI Secure Boot, 4GB RAM or more, and 64GB of storage or more – remain virtually unchanged.

However, without giving much publicity, Microsoft will allow enthusiasts to upgrade their old, unsupported PCs to Windows 11.

These updates will not be officially supported, but those who want to manually upgrade a PC to Windows 11 can do so keeping it in the Windows Insider Program or manually creating the Windows 11 installation media with the Media Creation Tool.

At this point, it’s not very clear what it means to have no official support, but it seems to mean it will be at your own risk, as some things may not work as well as you’d expect.

In fact, Microsoft provided information about the influence of compatible hardware on the user experience:

Computers that meet the Windows 11 hardware requirements had a “99.8 percent crash-free experience” during the Insider test, while non-compliant computers had 52 percent more kernel failures, 17 percent more kernel failures. applications and 43 percent more crashes for Microsoft embedded applications than qualified computers.

Finally, Microsoft also publishes update the PC Health app which was released on the day of the introduction of Windows 11, but had to be withdrawn quickly due to issues. The new version is now available to Insiders and extends eligibility verification functionality with more comprehensive and improved messaging.

It will be publicly available again in the coming weeks, Microsoft says, and will be compatible with 64-bit Windows, 32-bit Windows (which cannot be upgraded to Windows 11), Windows on Arm and Windows 10 in S-mode.

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