You can buy ads in the space with cryptocurrencies

Canadian company lets you advertise in space using SpaceX rockets

It is no longer only large companies that are betting on space as a place for future business. The starups, small start-ups are beginning to put ideas on the table that sound like science fiction.

The Canadian starup Geometric Energy Corporation announced in the magazine Business Insider its intention to be the first company to take advertising to space. To achieve this, they will reach an agreement with the famous SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk.

SpaceX’s Falcon9 rocket will transport the satellite into space, once undocked it will join the thousands of satellites that orbit our planet. Although Elon Musk’s companies opt for flashy advertising campaigns, such as that of his Optimus robot, the billionaire is not directly involved in this project.

Ads from space to your computer

The satellite in space, which they will call CubeSat, has a screen on which advertisements or artistic images of anyone who has paid for it will be broadcast. To see them, the satellite has a selfie stick with a camera that will broadcast live to pages such as YouTube or Twitch.

Anyone can use CubeSat and have their advertisements or artistic expressions broadcast from space. Those interested will rent parts of the screen by pixels and the exchange can be done with digital money. At first the most famous cryptocurrencies such as ethereum will be the only ones accepted, but in the future they intend to accept dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that parodies cryptocurrencies.

Samuel Reid, head of the company, explains his idea like this: “I am trying to achieve something that can democratize access to space and allow decentralized participation. Hopefully, people won’t waste money designing inappropriate, insulting, or offensive ads. “

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How much each pixel will cost hasn’t been revealed yet, but Reid thinks anyone can afford to buy CubeSat time. “There may be companies that want to show their logo. Or it can end up being a more personal and artistic panel. Maybe Coca-Cola and Pepsi will fight to put their logo and will be stepping on each other. “

The launch is planned for this year, but there are still many unknowns that remain to be resolved about the Cubesat. What do you think? Will CubeSat create a new form of advertising or will it be a new art form?

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