You are the people of my heart, the people of music: James

James means the wave of melody in the poem, then it goes into song, into the heart, stirring; pulse From the late eighties when James came to celluloid from Fillings’ ‘Station Road’ to solo ‘Ananya’ or the nineties entrance to ‘Speaking from Jail’ – the path James has been on has broadened, preparedness has increased.

Farooq Mahfuz of Naogaon’s Patnitala has crossed the borders of the country and become an international star named James. Millions of young people are still intoxicated by James’s voice, still dancing to naughty boy bands in concert; A large crowd waved. Just as the waves play on the paddy in the northern wind, so many urmimalas flow to and fro in the army stadium or a district stadium with the voice of James.

James is as he always was. During the long interludes when the audience is thirsty, James’ voice wants to float, float; Want to cool the heart – that’s when the Bashundhara group came forward. I want james song. Yes, as much as James wants, as much as he wants, as much as he wants – still wants James’ music. James’ song ‘I Love You’ was released last moon night after getting complete freedom. The audience accepted. Although many listeners said that the throat was not completely wet or the thirst was not completely quenched. This time, James’ song is coming to the moon, as cool water. This is what the singer said.

Bashundhara officials also say that James’s upcoming song ‘Bhool Dashi Bhool’ will be everyone’s favourite. LP Gas COO (Brand & Marketing, Sector-A) MM Jasim Uddin said in his speech, ‘I hope this new song of James will touch the hearts of people of all ages, starting from the youth.’

James said in front of the microphone at the beginning, ‘You are the people of my heart, the people of music.’

Then James said, “Thank you all for coming at my invitation. Respectfully, this time a new song will be released on the moon night of Eid. The song is produced by Bashundhara Digital. I gave them full freedom, they gave me full freedom to do the song. Like the fans, I have an affinity with you. will be Sincere thanks, gratitude and love to all.”

James has always loved to sing especially poetic songs in collaboration with people from the music world like Asif Iqbal, Latiful Islam Shibli, Asad Dehlvi, Marjuk Russell, Prince Mahmud. In response to the question whether he intends to do such songs again or not, James said that he does not know the future. He said, ‘I don’t know what will happen in the future; may be It is impossible to tell what will happen next.’

However, there is no guarantee that the eighties, nineties, or the zero decade will return, but at least this much has been confirmed – more songs of James are coming on Bashundhara Digital’s platform. In which James can apply intelligence, thought and complete freedom in addition to voice. Currently waiting for the moon night, that evening is releasing ‘Wrong is wrong…’.

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