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“You are a spawn of Satan”: Kremlin propagandist threatens Spain and accuses it of being “the greatest evil in the world”.

"You are a spawn of Satan": Kremlin propagandist threatens Spain and accuses it of being "the greatest evil in the world".

Vladimir Solovyov, a Kremlin propagandist moderator, was one of the Russian protagonists since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, which has already exceeded 500 days. Not because he was on the battlefield, but because of his “media war” in which he threatens NATO countries with rockets, drones or nuclear weapons from television. On this last occasion Putin’s propaganda leader has issued threats against Spain, affirming that our country is “the greatest evil in the world” and “a spawn of Satan”.

Solovyov has previously threatened other countries and territories. In April last year He threatened Europe and the Atlantic Alliance, saying there would be “no mercy” towards them. “The war against Europe and the world will develop more concretely, which means that we have to act differently,” he said on his TV show. In the meantime, He also warned the UK against deploying the RS-28 Sarmat missile.an intercontinental projectile that ranks among the best Russian weapons. “A Sarmat would be bad news for Britain,” the spokesman said.

Russia threatens Spain: Kremlin propagandist accuses Borrel of being “an enemy of the Russian people and responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians”.

In his recent appearance, Russian presenter known as “Putin’s Voice” attacked EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell and Spain in general. “I would like to remind here of the idiot Borrell, the enemy of the Russian people. I want the following to appear on his grave: Here lies the enemy of the Slavs, the enemy of the Russian people, the enemy of mankind, the spawn of Satan, the little devil.said against the Spaniard, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union.

The propagandist added, “That would be an absolutely accurate definition of this scoundrel.” “He’s supposedly a European Union foreign minister, but he’s acting like a war minister.” Solovyov blames Borrell for “the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians” and for that he had done “everything possible” to prevent the peace negotiations between Moscow and Kiev from taking place. “Borrell is a representative of a colonizing country. He bears the same guilt as Spain, which is the evil of the world, which for centuries has been able to wear the crown of the world’s evil.”the moderator closes.

The journalist is known as a Russian TV presenter and is accused of being a Kremlin propagandist. Among the sanctions the West has imposed on Moscow since the start of the war in Ukraine, he is listed for his propaganda and as “Putin’s friend”. In addition, his possessions, such as a luxurious mansion in Italy, were confiscated by the authorities.

On the other hand, Solovyov is one of the employees of one of the most successful programs in Russia. Dubbed “60 minutes” by the main state broadcaster Rossiya 1, the film lasts about five hours. In recent months, it has reached an important peak thanks to speeches, debates or editorials that consist in glossing over the image of the Kremlin and Putin, threatening NATO or Western countries and attacking Ukraine. Evgeny Popov, moderator and deputy of the Russian Duma, and his wife Olga Skabeyeva or Margarita Simonián, editor-in-chief of Russia Today, also take part at the helm.

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