Yohanna Almánzar sings to her land of Las Cabuyas

Saturday night, after 30 years, Yohanna Almanzar He returned to his native country to sing to his people, from Las Cabuyas, La Vega, in an activity organized by his family, the Almánzar Rosarios, and in which his brother Raphy Rey, a Christian and Catholic artist, and his ministry also participated. Announcing the kingdom.

The artist had a reunion with her childhood friends, with those with whom she was in her first years at school and companions in mischief, with her parents’ friends and relatives. It was an exciting night for dozens of people who gathered at the La Sombrilla entertainment center.

Yohanna, is the youngest of a family of 13 siblings, grew up in the countryside, in a very humble home, united and attached to faith in God.

She was endowed with the gift of possessing one of the best voices of recent times. She is known for performing hits by great artists and loved by a legion of followers who do not miss the opportunity to see her, every night, in public and private performances.

Yohanna cried with emotion, before starting the concert and that is that she had to wait a few minutes to go on stage, the tears and the nerves of singing for the first time, her people were paralyzed.

“You can’t imagine how nervous I feel. Singing in my field, to my loved ones, where I was born, to my childhood friends, this has made me very nervous”, said the artist, an expression that was reciprocated with loud applause.

A very emotional moment happened with his former classmates from the youth group Las Breidys, to which he belonged in the 80s, and with the parents of one of them, already deceased, who, in the middle of the crowd, melted into an emotional hug and pure love.

The activity had the blessing of the parish priest of the community, Fray Leonel Paulino, and with the presence of personalities from politics, business from the place, and municipal authorities.

“We as a family have come together to carry out this beautiful meeting with our community of Las Cabuyas, with the desire to meet and give us a hug, so that they can enjoy their artists such as Yohanna and Raphy Rey,” said Aracelis Almánzar, one of the organizers.

In the activity, a posthumous tribute was paid to the saxophonist Arturo Rosario, who was part of important merengueras orchestras such as Bonny Cepeda, Rikarena and Eddy Herrera.

Raphy Rey and Yohanna Almanzar.

Raphy Rey and Yohanna Almanzar.LD file

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