‘Yes, I love him madly, but…’, when this statement from Rekha caused a sensation

There was a time when there used to be a lot of discussion about the closeness of Bollywood actress Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan. During that period, the two had worked together on about 10 films, after which speculation about their romance began. Although Amitabh never talked about it, but Rekha sometimes with gestures, she sometimes openly accepted that she liked Amitabh very much. But the surprising thing happened when Rekha revealed in an interview that she does not have a personal relationship with Amitabh. She rekha she said clearly that she likes Big B like crazy, but she doesn’t have that relationship with the actor.

Years ago, in an interview with Simi Grewal, Rekha had revealed that ‘I have never had a personal relationship with him, this is the truth. I really like him as an actor. In any other news, there is nothing true in the controversy. Nothing like this ever happened. Yes, it’s true, I love him, more than lovers in the whole world, I can’t define this love, what kind of love it is.

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