Yemen’s Houthis say they bombed the US destroyer USS Greeley in the Red Sea

The Shiite Houthi rebels Yemen announced the spokesman Yahya Sarea who attacked with “several naval missiles”. A American destroyer South of Red Sea, in a new attack carried out “within the legitimate right of self-defense” against the bombings of the United States and the United Kingdom. It is currently unknown whether the suspected Yemeni missile hit the American warship.

“The Yemeni forces (as the Houthis define themselves) fired several naval missiles at the city American destroyer USS Greeley in the Red Sea,” Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said on his official X account. Yemeni sources reported on Tuesday that the Houthis fired a series of reconnaissance drones into the Red Sea Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea, to monitor new naval targets. Reuters quoted a Houthi official on Tuesday as saying they were prepared for a long confrontation with the US and Britain.

In the last few hours, the United States Central Command (CENTCOM, in English) has reported this fired an anti-ship missile which was launched by the Houthi rebels. It is not known whether this is the missile that the Yemenis allegedly fired at the destroyer USS Greely. “No injuries or damage were reported,” the command itself reported in its Platform X account. Last Friday, the US repelled a similar attack that was also attributed to the Houthis. In this case, CENTCOM asserted that the anti-ship missile that was launched was one “immediate danger” for merchant ships and naval vessels in the region.

The Houthis, a group backed by Iran and considered terrorists by the United States, have carried out hundreds of drone and missile attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea in retaliation for Israel’s offensive in Gaza in its fight against Hamas. .

Tensions in the area led to this The main shipping companies worldwide continue to adapt their routes to avoid crossing this sea route.through which 8% of global grain trade, 12% of oil trade and 8% of international liquefied natural gas trade are carried out.

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Yemen’s pro-Iranian militia has asserted that all American and British warships sailing in the Red and Arabian Seas and engaging in “aggressions against our people” are the target of “our armed forces and will be attacked accordingly” and have the legitimate right to do so Defend our country, our people and our nation.

Yemeni rebels say they want to impose a blockade on Israeli shipping until a ceasefire is reached and food and medicine are allowed to reach the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The Houthis in Yemen are a Shiite militia that is very close to Iran. The US government believes that Tehran is behind the Houthis’ attacks on Western ships in the Red Sea. On the same Wednesday, the Ayatollah regime warned of this will respond with “determination and force” to any attack against its territory or interestsamid tensions caused by the deaths of three American soldiers in Jordan in an attack claimed by pro-Iranian militias.

“Any attack on Iranian soil or its interests and nationals outside the country will receive a decisive and strong response,” Iranian UN Ambassador Amir Saeid Jalil Iravani said in statements carried by IRNA agency. Iravani also denied that Iran and the United States exchanged messages through intermediaries after the drone strike that killed three American soldiers in Jordan near the border with Syria on Sunday.

The United States ultimately blamed Iran for the attack, in which it was also involved 40 people were injured.

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