Yemen: A woman set a precedent for a man to divorce before leaving

Sanaa: A woman in Yemen kidnapped and tortured a man and demanded ransom for his release.

According to details, a local newspaper reported that a woman kidnapped a man and severely tortured him in the war-torn country of Yemen.

An alleged police statement circulating on the Internet said that Mubarak Sultan was abducted on February 7 by a woman named Taghrid Ghalib in the southwestern Yemeni governorate of Taiz.

According to the city police, the man was, in fact, the woman’s ex-husband, who had divorced her before leaving after the Taghrid marriage, and then married another woman, which enraged the woman on February 7. Kidnapped him and tortured him.

According to police, the woman has been arrested. The woman, with the help of her brother, abducted her ex-husband on the way and kept him at an unknown location.

The woman confessed that yes, I kidnapped her and tortured her to make her feel bad, took pictures of her body bleeding due to the violence, and shared them on social media to make her a role model. The woman said and then I demanded ransom from her family for her release.

The woman said that under the pretext of marriage, she cheated on me, shared my pictures on social media, shared what happened between us and kept attributing lies to me.

It should be noted that the abduction of women by men is news of the day, but this incident in Yemen is unique. And when the details were released, everyone was stunned.

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