Yash revealed about KGF 3, next time more tremendous scenes will be seen in the movie

KGF 3 New Details: ‘KGF Chapter 2’ Maintain a steady lead at the box office. Breaking all the previous records, this movie will soon touch the figure of 1 billion rupees. The movie ‘KGF 2’ Now there is only one question left in the mind of all the viewers who have watched, will the third part of this movie be made as well? There is also some logic behind this question, without which it is believed that the creators of KGF will definitely make their third part. The first argument is that the film has crossed the 900 crore mark so far, so it is very likely that the filmmakers will make the third part of the film considering the huge profits of this franchise.
At the same time, the second argument is that ‘KGF Chapter 2’ has been given an open ending so that the possibility of becoming the third part is always open. According to press reports, the executive producer of the film, Kartik Goda, has confirmed that ‘KGF Chapter 3’ will be released. Pre-production work on K has begun, although Karthik declined to reveal any more than this.

While, ‘KGF Chapter 3’ will it be done or not? Breaking the silence on this question, the film’s lead actor Yash has said that there has already been a discussion between him and the film’s director Prashant Neel regarding the third part.

If Yash is to be believed, he and Prashant also have some scenes in mind. Yash says that ‘Neil and I have already thought of many scenes. There were a lot of things we didn’t get to do in Chapter 2, so we know there’s still a lot of fun action scenes to do.’

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