Yash Dhul said, fully prepared to hit the number the team wants.

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Yash Dhull always knew that his first class cricket debut from the junior level would be easy only if he was ready to meet the challenges and that is why he achieved success while playing his first Ranji match for Delhi against Tamil Nadu. U19 World Cup winning captain Yash Dhull has been a middle-order batsman in his career, but against a strong team like Tamil Nadu, he opened the innings with 113 runs.

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Yash Dhul said after the game on the first day that there were many coaches in my cricket career but Rajesh Nagar sir guided me from childhood. He said that he might have to open the entries at the Ranji Trophy and I have to be ready for that. There are many such instances in Delhi cricket when young cricketers despite being talented got lost in the initial glare. Yash Dhul said that you have to adjust according to the requirements of the team and there is no doubt about it. I’m ready to hit any number. I just started my career and I want to make a mark by consistently performing well. Yash Dhul said that whenever you get the chance, make the most of it. When they told me I would open the tickets, I was mentally prepared. He said that cricket at this stage is a matter of mindset and technique. If the mental attitude is correct, then the performance is also good. I leave with a complete mental preparation.


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