Home Sports Yaremchuk once again opens up about signing Paco Alcácer for Valencia

Yaremchuk once again opens up about signing Paco Alcácer for Valencia

Although the Ukrainian was chosen, everything remains up in the air until the next market

A Valencia CF’s transfer market has been a disaster for another year, despite Yaremchuk’s emergence on the home stretch.. The primary target was initially Rafa Mira and Paco Alcacer, after. The latter was actually offered in the last few market days and is not ruled out for the future.

The footballer, who grew up in the Che team’s youth system, left European football a year ago to move to the United Arab Emirates league. However, he has never ruled out a return to top football, especially not when it comes to returning to the club where he grew up as a player and person. But Valencia CF failed to complete the return of Paco Alcácer.

Paco Alcácer wants to return to Valencia
Paco Alcácer wants to return to Spanish football

Yaremchuk feels the breath of Paco Alcácer in Valencia

Although his signing could not be finalized this summer, Valencia CF are not losing hope of getting Paco Alcácer back. That won’t happen now, but with the onset of winter the situation will be completely different. Especially if Roman Yaremchuk, who came to the Che team with the buzzer, does not produce the performance that the club expects.

If so, the Valencia team could consider terminating his loan and look for a new striker on the market. Of course they would need that Paco Alcácer is negotiating to terminate his contract with Sharjah FCwhere he has a signed contract until 2025. Which is not entirely unreasonable given the precedents of recent years.

The winter market will be key

However, as we have already mentioned, Everything will depend on what happens to Roman Yaremchuk. The Ukrainian striker was the big surprise for Valencia CF in the final hours of the market, arriving on loan from Bruges. Expectations are very high for the Ukraine international footballer as he also has a history with important clubs such as Benfica.

Of course, one should not forget that his career has gone downhill in recent years and his market value has increased from 17.5 million euros to 5 million. Now he is aiming for a second youth at Mestalla, where he will try to take over the starting position currently held by Hugo Duro. All this with Paco Alcácer on the lookout as the Spanish international wants to return to Valencia CF at 30 years old.

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