Yáñez: “Sporting will not compete to stay or be down”

Rubén Yáñez is the only new face for now at Sporting 23-24, although the executive president David Guerra recalled that the team has already had four signings (Jeraldino, Otero and Carrillo are the others, in addition to Yáñez, for the Gijón entity). The Catalan goalkeeper was officially presented in what he considers “a big club”, something that “motivates me a lot; It motivates me to have a big fan base behind me and play every two weeks in a stadium like El Molinón”, he said in the Mareo press room.

Due to all these circumstances, Yáñez is convinced that the team’s objective continues to be to be with the best in the category. “The objectives to which all the big teams aspire is to be at the top”recalled the rojiblanco goalkeeper.

And he added: “Sporting is not going to compete to stay or be down. The history of the club says so, although I know that the last seasons were not the best. The objective is to compete to be as high as possible and hopefully move up, but the second is a very difficult category”.

Yáñez assured that this new experience “professionally it enriches me a lot”. And to carry it out, he highlighted the sports director Gerardo García with the key when it came to convincing him to accept the rojiblanca offer.

“I define myself as a goalkeeper who does well in the aerial game”, indicated the Catalan who also qualified as “explosive and reactive” in the actions under the sticks. “With my feet, I have adapted to the needs of the team,” he added to complete the particular technical report on his qualities.

Aware of the competition he has in goal with Christian Joel and Florentin Bloch, Rubén Yáñez has no doubts about the project. “I am excited and motivated; my close people know it”, said a soccer player who confesses to not being under any pressure. “I was attracted to the project and being in a big club”he concluded.

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