Yamandú Orsi criticized the Foreign Ministry’s message given the rift between Mexico and Ecuador

He The State Department released a statement opposing the severing of relations between Mexico and Ecuadorbut the FrenteAmplista candidate, Yamandú Orsi criticized the Foreign Ministry

“Uruguay deeply regrets the events of the last few hours in Ecuador, which have affected relations between two sister states,” the Foreign Ministry statement said.

The Uruguayan state wanted revitalize “respect for fundamental norms of international law and peaceful coexistence among Latin American nations.”.

However, Orsi stressed that “the Foreign Ministry pays close attention to relations between countries when there is a serious problem there.”

“If this precedent is set, it will violate nothing less than Article 22 of the Vienna Convention, which establishes that embassies are places that have protections that must be respected, the responsibility incumbent on an elected government,” the candidate explained .

ORSI criticized the Chancellery

ORSI criticized the Chancellery

The situation in Ecuador

Amid heavy security, several vehicles left the embassy and behind one of them ran Roberto Canseco, head of the diplomatic mission, shouting: “This can’t be happening, this is a scandal!”

Images from local media show the uniformed men entering the embassy in the north of Quito, which is guarded by police and military, to arrest Glas, who was granted asylum by Mexico in its embassy on the same Friday.

This action by the Ecuadorian authorities deepened the diplomatic rift between the two nations, prompting Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to order the immediate cessation of diplomatic relations with Ecuador.

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