Yailin’s message for Anuel:

After accusing him of alleged physical abuse, Yailin the most viral appeared on the cover of People en Español magazine and sent a message to her ex-partner, anuel aaalthough he acknowledged that he has not overcome the situation.

“God bless you, find peace and be very happy”Yailin said during the interview with the magazine. “I cannot turn a blind eye and say that everything is fine, they have been difficult days, what It’s normal for any sentimental breakup.”

The Dominican singer explained that in these difficult times she has taken refuge in her daughter, Cattleya, in her family and friends, among them, Tekashi 69, whom he insists on defining as his “collaborator”, despite the luxurious gifts he has received from the rapper of Mexican origin, ranging from Hermes handbags to a 2023 Rolls Royce.

“Tekashi taught me that you have to stay focused on your goals and that with dedication and effort I can continue to achieve everything I set my mind to in music,” he said of Daniel Hernández, Tekashi’s real name.

While a source confirmed to People en Español that “anything can happen” when the singer couple performs tomorrow at Premios Juventud, car dealer Neelesh Alwani also explained to Carlos Adyan in an interview for the television show “At home with Telemundo” that “He really likes Yailin, that’s his girl.” And he added: “They have been making music, money and love together.”

On the other hand, Yailin also talked about her plastic surgeries, including the one she underwent recently: “It’s to feel better about myself. For the love of me.”

The interpreter of “Narcissista” admitted that her personal life has not been a secret and that now will act with more discretion and prudence, but understand that everything happens for a purpose.

“I don’t think anything was a mistake, everything happens for a purpose, you just have to try to rebuild yourself with all the experiences that touch us in life and be happy above all else,” he explained.

About her eldest daughter and a future romance, she stated: “I think it’s time to reflect, be focused on my happiness and the happiness of my beautiful daughter. I have already found true love, her name is Cattleya and for the moment this is enough for me.”

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