Yailin shows off her new diamond chain valued at millions of pesos

Singer Yailin the most viral acquired a chain made exclusively for her, by the hands of a popular Dominican jeweler, and valued at 78 thousand dollars, approximately RD$4,280,128 according to reports.

It is a 14-carat white gold and 18MM-wide diamond chain and a fully customized clasp, which sought to give a different touch to the piece that was created from scratch.

The medal that bears his name was also made in emerald cut diamonds by Víctor Sánchez, a professional jewelry designer and entrepreneur who has worked with figures such as Santiago Matías, Chris Lebrón, Musicólogo, Shadow Blow, Ceky Viciny, Jessica Pereira, Martín Lora, La Materialista, Dj Scuff, Mark B, among others.

The well-deserved national fame jeweler has also stood out for making beautiful pieces for Major League Baseball players.

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