Yahoo and We Are Era collaborate together and enter the Spanish market

Yahoo! and We Are Era have signed a collaboration agreement. The objective of this is that Yahoo will be able to use the content published in We Are Era for any use and, what is new, is that it will be able to market it in Spain. Also, thanks to this union, They will be able to offer users the content they want.

Both companies wanted to grow considerably, and they saw the opportunity to be able to achieve it in the only way, by announcing an agreement. The union of Yahoo, a media company, and We Are Era, a company oriented to the online video sector, and also considered the company that best manages the European network of influencers and artists, will make its content reach many more people. .

“We are very pleased to have partnered with a leading company like We Are Era to expand our video offering, which now provides our customers with access to an unrivaled network of world-class content creators.” it states Raúl de la Cruz, CEO of Yahoo in Spain.

More about We Are Era

We Are Era emerged nine years ago, exactly in 2012. It was founded with the aim of publicize many brands. How do they do that? Very easy, thanks to the influencers. These content creators for the networks are responsible for recording and publishing videos explaining how some companies work, such as Tinder, Ikea, TikTok, etc.

The company has 8 offices located in 12 markets, with a total of 250 employees. In addition, they get close to 4,000 million views on their YouTube videos per month.

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“We are delighted to start a new era with our partner Yahoo”, it states Marcos García, Senior Partnership Manager of We Are Era.

More about Yahoo

Yahoo is considered an online media company. It was founded in 1994 with the aim of offering content and information to citizens. This agreement will allow the company to reinforce your video inventory.

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