Yabusele can with everything

Advance | During a course as loaded as those of now, it is increasingly common to live extreme moments, very to the limit. The last example, the final minutes of this Friday in Munich, where Madrid and Yabusele could with everything, even with some teammates who seemed to row in the opposite direction. Between Poirier and Tavares they added eight fouls and two techniques, a double elimination that left their team without centers with three minutes remaining. They received fouls that were not, true, but they were mentally erased from the meeting. In particular, Tavares, who, after the referees indicated a fourth staff in an attack rebound that did not seem, and after the seconds of decompression had already passed by what he experienced as an injustice, applauded the referees arms raised, forcing his expulsion. Poirier entered and made the fifth in an express way: 73-69. Laso joined Yabusele and Poirier as an inner couple and a minute later he took out the youth squad and put Rudy in to accompany the Frenchman, the hero of the night. He was crucial in the denouement as the only big guy on the track, finishing with 21 points of all colors and just two errors on throw. Two vital triples and, with 76-76 two free throws made and a forced loss to providential Bayern with 7 seconds remaining. Llull executed from the personal. Madrid survived with the Dancing Bear, as it was nicknamed in its day, and with a spirit of survival to the test of everything. Great final defenses.

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