XRP or snack bar: this snack could have set you back $318

Have you ever pulled out a cheese soufflé or other snack from the wall in recent years? It could very well be that you should have left that snack behind and instead for those few euros Ripple (XRP) had purchased. We explain exactly why, and how you can join Bitvavo 10 euros worth of free crypto can get.

XRP rate

Let’s first go back to the time you bought that cheese soufflé and fries in town. If you had invested those few euros in XRP then your ripple tokens would now have been worth more than 300 euros. If you had sold your XRP at the right time in the beginning of 2018, you would now have almost 2 thousand euros in your hands.

If you had invested a larger amount in XRP at that time, let’s say around 1000 euros, you could have counted yourself rich now. The value of 1000 euros in XRP on that one day you bought a delicious snack in 2018 would have risen to many tens of thousands of euros today!

That’s how fast it can go in crypto country. You never know what a small investment can mean. Maybe the next time you’re about to buy that fries or that milkshake, you’ll think twice.

An expensive cheese souflé

The price of XRP stands at the time of writing just over 50 euro cents. That used to be different. A few years ago, XRP tokens went over the counter for less than half a cent each.

That is a multiplication of no less than a hundred in a few years! In addition, XRP has been worth much more. At the beginning of 2018, XRP was even worth more than 3 euros per token. There is certainly a chance that XRP will be able to reach those heights again in the coming years.

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Since 2018, XRP has always been a favorite in crypto land, and it has consistently shown itself to hold up under heavy pressure. In fact, XRP has made a very impressive rise in recent weeks, rising by more than 50 percent, and who knows, XRP may have even more up its sleeve in the coming weeks.

register now at the Dutch Bitvavo and trade your very first XRP today and also a wide range of other crypto coins. As icing on the cake, Bitvavo now even gives you 10 euros worth of BTC, ETH or XRP completely free.

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