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The soap opera about Ripple (XRP) and its lawsuit with the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been going on for over 2 years. The reason at the time was the alleged fact that Ripple would have sold its XRP tokens as an unregistered security, according to the SEC.

After years of a legal stalemate, it seems fate in the advantage from Ripple. Experts and insiders expect a conclusion in the endless lawsuit soon. Many consider it highly likely that Ripple will come out on top. This would undoubtedly have great consequences for the XRP price. As a reader you can benefit from this. The Dutch Anycoin Direct currently gives everyone free 25XRP.

Fundamentally, XRP is very strong

As mentioned, many expect a profit for Ripple. This is not just nice talk. Big money also seems to be convinced of this scenario. In recent weeks, the trading volume of XRP has been in the elevator. In the past quarter, XRP was the most traded crypto asset on crypto exchanges. After bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), at least. Nevertheless, this is a very striking and positive sign. Trading volume is one of the most important indicators when analyzing a price.

Also, the team behind Ripple is certainly not waiting for the outcome of the lawsuit with squeezed bottoms. On the contrary: the team is working tirelessly on the road. For example, we saw a very optimistic increase in Ripple’s network activity. In recent months, the number of active addresses per day has been around 18 thousand. That number is now well over 100,000 active addresses. An unprecedented increase.

Claim Free XRP

So it seems that Ripple is very popular among investors as well as users. You would think the ultimate recipe for a nice price increase. Add to that Ripple’s possible victory in its lawsuit with the SEC. Of course it remains to be seen. But should Ripple take the win, XRP would be a unique investment opportunity.

Anycoin Direct offers anyone who registers now registers and a successful order places 25 XRP. Should XRP emerge victorious from the SEC battle, we will leave current price prices behind us very soon. This promotion is only valid from July 11 to July 12.

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